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Thursday, November 27, 2008
Новые продукты текущего квартала в Украине

Среди новинок на рынке напитков необходимо отметить ребрендинг негазированного напитка "ДА!", выполненный компанией Fruit Master Group:

Кроме этого, отмечаем появление напитков под собственной торговой маркой сети супермаркетов "Фуршет". К уже привычным сокам и нектарам добавлены сладкие газированные воды и столовая вода.

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PETnology's 'Packaging Wall of Excellence'

PETnology’s special exhibition about plastic packaging – the 'Packaging Wall of Excellence' – attracted visitors’ attention at Brau Beviale 2008.

The 'Packaging Wall' of illuminated display boxes had been built on a 100m2 stand. Modern LED technology produced shimmering and changing colours, creating a special atmosphere as a meeting point which was used by many exhibitors for client meetings.

17 companies used the PETnology stand to present their products and to highlight their new developments, including Alpla, Concordia Development, Corvaglia, KHS Corpoplast, Kortec, Krones, LyondellBasell, MHT, Netstal, PolyOne, Otto Hofstetter, Resilux, Röders, Eugen Seitz, Sidel, SIPA and tecPET innovation.

The newly issued 140-page PET yearbook 'Connecting ComPETence' was also released at Brau, covering all the exhibiting companies, plus a review of the conference 'PETnology Europe 2008', which provides comprehensive information along the PET value chain.

PETnology’s Barbara Appel said: “When we decided to realise this new marketing tool, our aim was to accentuate uniqueness and to emphasise special highlights in a special atmosphere. In the future, the creative idea of the 'Packaging Wall of Excellence' will be presented on different international trade fairs. The next opportunity will be Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, 10-13 March 2009.”

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Red Bull to introduce an energy shot in 2009

Red Bull will enter the fast-growing energy shot market in 2009, according to Patrice Radden, spokeswoman for Red Bull North America.

“We recognize that some consumers are interested in a smaller package to deliver their energy needs in the form of an energy shot,” Radden said in a statement. “Currently, there is not a premium brand in this fast-growing segment. Red Bull plans to fill this void and offer Red Bull Energy Drink in a shot format in 2009.”

The move into the relatively-new energy shot category marks a departure for Red Bull. The product debuted on U.S. shores in 1997, and offered only one SKU until the introduction of a sugar free variant in 2003. Market pressures later forced the company to add additional can sizes, and the company rolled out their first non-energy drink product, Red Bull Simply Cola, earlier this year.

Red Bull’s energy shot entry, while notable, is only the latest example of established energy brands like Rock Star, NOS and Monster releasing miniature versions of their 8 or 16 oz. products. Each of those brands follows Living Essentials, who introduced the 2 oz. 5 Hour Energy shot in 2005. The energy shot market is expected to achieve $500 million in sales this year.

Details about Red Bull’s forthcoming energy shot are scant. Radden said the company is still working on when and how the product will be debuted.

“Once details are finalized, we will send out a more formal announcement,” Radden said.


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Friday, November 14, 2008
Energy drinks still buzzing in Europe

Category fatigue that has blighted other segments of the beverage industry such as bottled water and carbonated drinks, is not affecting energy drinks which continue to draw in more and more users.

Figures on the drinks scene in Western Europe compiled by beverage market analyst, Zenith International, reveal a market valued at €3.76m in 2007, with growth at 11 per cent over the previous year, for a total of 487m litres. Sales would broach 700m litres in 2012.
There are no signs of a slow-down as consumer acceptance of energy drinks builds. Zenith predicts growth of eight per cent for the next five years.
Multi-billion selling, category pioneer, Red Bull, will continue to dominate sales in Western Europe – it continues to hold about 60 per cent of the market – and Zenith gives no indication that this will change any time soon, despite increased competition.
Red Bull is sold in more than 140 countries and the slimline can format it pioneered remains the package of choice across all brands although Coke’s Relentless and others come in other shapes and varieties such as a 500ml can Relentless comes in.

Mainstream appeal

Coca-Cola’s Burn had overtaken Shark to take second place, with MBG International Premium Brands-owned Effect in third and Relentless the fifth highest seller.

“Intensifying competition, effective marketing support and increased consumer acceptance as well as loyalty have been key contributors to current growth,” said Zenith market intelligence director, Gary Roethenbaugh.

“Manufacturers have been extending distribution and developing more mainstream appeal, targeting a wider range of consumer groups. This has resulted in a shift of emphasis towards the retail channel.”

The top 10 brands accounted for 75 per cent of sales, Zenith found, with taurine and caffeine products making up 74 per cent of products.

The UK, Germany and Spain accounted for 56 per cent of West European volume, while France, which recently permitted taurine as an ingredient after banning it for many years, was the fastest growing market.

Ireland, Denmark and Spain also demonstrated rapid growth, albeit from varying volume levels. Ireland had the highest consumption per person at 7.7 litres, followed by Austria and Switzerland on 5.4 litres and 2.4 litres respectively.


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